Welcome to Rathdrum Parish, Co Wicklow, Ireland

We are delighted to announce that parishioners and friends who are unable to attend our church in person, can now participate in the Mass and ceremonies from home:

















Our parish comprises the church of Ss. Mary and Michael (Rathdrum), the Chapel of Ease of Ss. Patrick and Killian (Clara Vale) and the Chapel of Ease of St. Columba’s (Greenane).

As a Christian Community in Rathdrum, the teachings of Christ are central to our worship and prayer. We seek to live in accordance with God’s commandments to love and serve one another, and to support one another in times of joy and sadness.

Whether you are of a long established parish family or have recently joined the community of Rathdrum, we hope this website will provide you with useful information regarding Community and Parish activities.

The three parishes of Rathdrum, Glendalough and Roundwood comprise a “parish cluster”  –  which is the term used to indicate that several rural parishes are working together. You will see that we sometimes share events and celebrations.

News:  Please see information below about GDPR and about Child Safeguarding



A new European Data Protection law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is being introduced on
25 May 2018. This new law applies to any organisation (including our parish) that manages and processes people’s personal information. We are now working on ways of ensuring that what we do with your information is compliant with this new law. It is a work in progress and over the next few months we will keep you informed, through updates on the parish website page and otherwise, as policies are put in place. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Office.
The parish is very grateful for your contribution to the Family Offering collection. The personal information you provide is used by the parish to process the contribution in line with revenue guidelines. It is not shared with any other person or organisation. The information is kept only for as long as necessary and is then deleted from our systems.See our Contact Us page for information on how to contact us. We would appreciate your help and comments.


The Archdiocese of Dublin, as a constituent member of the Catholic Church in Ireland,
recognises and upholds the dignity and rights of all children, is committed to ensuring their
safety and well-being and will work in partnership with parents/ guardians to do this. The
Archdiocese recognises each child as a gift from God, and values and encourages the
participation of children in all activities that enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional,
intellectual and social development.

All diocesan personnel (including clergy, religious, staff and volunteers) have a responsibility
to safeguard children through promoting their welfare, health and development in a safe and
caring environment that supports their best interests and prevents abuse.
This is the policy statement of the Catholic Church in Ireland. It is set out in Safeguarding
Children: Policy and Standards for the Catholic and Church in Ireland (National Board for
Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland, 2016). The document Child
Safeguarding in the Archdiocese of Dublin: Statement, Reporting Procedures and Good
Practice Guidelines describes the arrangements for the implementation of this policy in the
Archdiocese of Dublin.

For further details, please see:  https://www.dublindiocese.ie/?s=Child+Safeguarding+Policy

Fr. Derek Doyle