Clara Vale

© Chris Bolton

The Clara Vale church is dedicated to St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland and to St. Killian, a monk who was born in Co Cavan, but who then travelled to mainland Europe in about 686.

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Details gleaned from a booklet by Fr. Pádraig McCarthy, 1999:
The earliest definite record of a church building on the site is in the map by Jacob Nevill in 1760. In those days, the building would have been thatched. Records also show a later ‘slate chapel’.

Parish record books reveal that there was a major reconstruction of the church in Clara Vale in 1838. In 1856, the floor was tiled (perhaps a mud floor until then); the ceiling, church and sacristy were plastered; and a floor was laid in the sacristy. All this cost £128. In addition, £6-8-0 was paid to J.J. McCarthy, the architect who at that time designed the new church in Rathdrum. The sacristy was used as a schoolroom until the building of the schoolhouse, which came into use in 1899.

A gallery was added in 1861 at a cost of £71-17-6 ½ .  If you look above the inside door, you’ll see two stones projecting – these supported the gallery. The gallery was removed in 1950. The front porch was added in the 1950s. There was at one time a bell tower on the rear gable of the church (over the altar and sacristy) but it had to be taken down when it deteriorated into a dangerous condition.